God uses us, His people, as His instruments of love to the world.  When we act in loving service, we are acting out our identity as God’s people in mission. 




baptismBaptisms can be arranged by contacting our office which will arrange for a visitation of the person or family concerned.

The pastor will make clear what God offers and does in baptism and what the implications are for the person baptised into Christ and into the church.


Further reading will be supplied and also a preview of the service of baptism.



To marry is to take one of the most important steps in life and proper preparation is essential.

It is NOT essential to be married by a clergyman for the marriage to be valid. Christian marriage is basically for Christians. They wish to ask God's blessing on their relationship and to make their vows in his presence.

Preparation will normally require 3 or 4 sessions, the first of these being at least a month beforehand and preferably well beforehand. Features include:


Additional information regarding Marriages may be obtained from the Office.


Marriage Enrichment
Enrich is a program designed to enhance and strengthen marriages. It assists couples to build on their strengths and also to identify more clearly areas of their relationship which need enrichment.  Additional information regarding Enrich may be obtained from the office.


In arranging a funeral, a lot of help is given by the selected funeral director who will guide through what needs to be done. From the congregation’s point of view, the pastor will normally consider the need top priority and give immediate attention to the needs of the bereaved. He will also normally prove to be very flexible as far as the date and time of the service goes.

Additional information regarding funeral arrangements may be obtained from the Office.


­Is freely available from our pastor by appointment.

While having basic secular skills, pastors generally also know their limitations and when they should make referrals. What they DO have is the ability to see things in a Christian perspective plus all the rich resources of the church in its prayer, scripture, communion and the supportive network of people.