Staffing and People Resources

At St. Peter’s we have been blessed with an abundance of people resources, both paid and unpaid.  We are people rich in every sense from great musicians to sound technicians, to drama writers and actors/puppeteers, to those who work behind the scenes to make the ministry happen!   God has been good to us.


Our paid staff have also been a great blessing to the people of St. Peter’s and the community.  Their love for God and his mission and their willingness to give far beyond what their job description states has been instrumental in helping form and cement the new direction of ministry at St. Peter’s.


At present our staff consists of:


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Our parish currently has a vacancy for a Pastor.

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Our Ministry Support

Julie Schubert is the Ministry Support person who is normally the first person people see when they come into the Ministry Centre. Julie is responsible for our weekly 'Living It' (bulletin), kids pages and general administration enquiries. Julie works primarily on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
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Our Ministry Assistant

Jo Oldman is the Ministry Assistant, working from the Ministry Centre on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday's. She is responsible for the behind the scenes support for most of the church groups, finding the bible studies, devotions, teaching material, advertising and any other resources for Stephen Ministry, Monday Ministry, Women's Fellowship, Men's Breakfast and Connections. Jo is also a Stephen Leader and the office contact person for Stephen Ministry, our lay caregiving ministry.

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Our Monday Ministry Co-ordinator

Ian Crambrook is the Monday Ministry Co-ordinator. He is the contact person for all our Monday Ministry programs, which provide educational programs and Christian fellowship for children aged birth to year 12. Ian ensures that the programs are running smoothly and all child safe requirements are met. Ian works primarily on Monday afternoons.