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Our Youth fellowship attempts to further assist young people in the life they began in baptism. Together with the home and the worship life of the congregation it assists in the confirmation process.


head to heart


Monday Ministries: Head to the Heart - H2H

(Years 6-8)
Head to the Heart is a relational, parent-involved, small group ministry system that challenges churches and parents to expect more out of traditional confirmation and junior high youth ministry. H2H provides engaging, brain-based teaching materials including object lessons, art, music, gameshows, skits, PowerPoint presentations, beautiful home journals, and more, and wraps it all in a small-group system that surrounds kids with a whole lot of love and care.


H2H  is:
Biblical: The Bible will be affirmed as the life-giving Word of God
Lutheran: We will affirm the Lutheran understanding of the faith, thus the use of the Small Catechism.
Relevant: We will begin with the young people in focus and introduce the faith to them from their own context.
Relationship Orientated: We want to help young people grow in their understanding of the call to live as disciples of Jesus for other people in life’s entire dimension.


When: Monday during School Terms, from 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Where: St Peters Lutheran Church, St Petri Hall




Confirmation is a church arrangement in which more intense instruction is given in the faith. It includes a human rite in which we again make public confession of faith and in which prayer is made for us. Confirmation is best seen as a lifelong process during which the life begun in baptism is daily, weekly and annually confirmed by God. Our parents began the confirming process as they taught us to pray, told us who Jesus was and brought us to worship. The church assists by its instruction in Bible Song, H2H and in supplementary instruction given by the pastor and in youth groups, adult groups etc.

If you would like to publically confirm your faith, we encourage you to speak to the pastor to make arrangements.


When: Whenever there is a request to be confirmed

Where: St Peter's Lutheran Church



Monday Ministries: 4U Sr. High

(Years 9-12)     
4U is our ministry to those in High School.  It seeks to help teenagers grow a balanced life that is centred in Jesus Christ. We take our time discussing hot topics of the day in a safe, caring, biblically-centred environment, and mix in regular service and fellowship activities.

In short, 4U Sr. High ministry is about youth DOING ministry. Come along and be a part of it!


When: Monday during School Terms, from 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Where: Peace Hall Youth Room