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Care and Share

It is important for people to get together in social groups so that we grow in understanding and compassion for each other and can care and support each other.  Just as importantly we can simply ‘have fun’ gathering together as people of similar interests, age, and likes.  St Peter’s has many established groups and activities, but we’re always encouraging new ones to form


Men's Group
Men of the congrgation, aged 18+ are invited to be involved in this every-other-month fellowship event series. We'll travel to area sites for hands-on fellowship and Bible learning in a relaxed atmosphere. Contact Pastor Mark Hansen for the latest information.


Other Ministries
 Other ministries currently running in St. Peter’s include:


Small Groups
These have been of great blessing to the congregation in recent years - so much so that we would encourage as many as possible to be part of a group. They normally meet in private homes to:

The groups are particularly good for newcomers to begin to get better acquainted with at least some within our fellowship.


God For Us – The Inquirers Class

These courses run for 10 weeks


Group Events, FamFests

We also appreciate large group events, such as trivia nights, games nights, concerts, camps etc.  Sometimes these have a fund raising element, but that’s all part of the enjoyment – you can have a good time while supporting a worthy cause! It's all part of being community – working together towards something you believe in.